Florilegium Archive · Papercuts and Scribbles

November 2021 – It’s a Whole Spiel

Poem inspired by the stories found in It’s a Whole Spiel: Love, Latkes, and Other Jewish Stories

Why did I sound like such an idiot when I talked to him?
Got your weird out of your system?
I respect that God's name is unpronounceable.

She hated her OCD.
She craved certainty, 
and logically, 
she knew her quest for it was making her

A faint whiff of canned boy
mixed with feet:
he'd be taking his nice-Jewish-boy act on the road!

You didn't like dancing, 
but you were never afraid of heights.
Let me go under, 
but this time let me come up...
a breathe-the-other-person-in hug
is supremely underrated.

Jam-packed, clogged city arteries
they would communicate in their broken English, 
the cracks in each tongue 
following different fault lines.
I had ten solid minutes of feeling
good about being different--
I don't want to blend in. 
I want to be bright.


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