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October 2021 – Anne of Green Gables

My life is a perfect Graveyard of Buried Hopes

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The Nook: Bookish Wedding Touches

Wedding planning might be stressful sometimes, but these little touches of personality and knowing that in the end I get to marry my best friend and partner-in-crime make it all worth it.

Florilegium Archive · Papercuts and Scribbles

September 2021 – Normal People

There is no secret eagerness to be discovered-- no one can be independent of other people completely.

Florilegium Archive · Papercuts and Scribbles

August 2021 – Chicago

The arrogance of skyscrapers starving for something not glass and metal and concrete. I thought I could hear the lake muttering, "There is no place better to have the blues than Chicago."

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Milwaukee: Little Read Book Inc.

Little Read Book Inc. has the essence of a lakefront cabin with, what I can only describe as, a wooden wizard standing guard over current reads.