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Drinking Animals Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation: Stress Relieving Animal Designs with Easy Cocktail Recipes

With Christmas in just two days, I decided to add one extra review for the month of December as a little gift. This is my first attempt at a cookbook review so let me know what you think in the comments!

Erica’s Experience

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Title: Drinking Animals Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation: Stress Relieving Animal Designs with Easy Cocktail Recipes

Author: Caffeinestar Publishing

Genre: Cookbook

Recipe Count: 24

Publication Date: November 2019


Last winter, when the pandemic was in full swing, my fiance purchased the Drinking Animals Coloring Book for us to use during a date night since we weren’t able to leave the apartment. Funnily enough, we didn’t get around to trying it out until this month and I wanted to share our experience with all of you. The book contains 24 cocktail recipes to try out along with a picture of a funky animal enjoying a drink on each page.

My fiance and I picked out a recipe each and gathered the ingredients for our Cocktail and Coloring Night. The two drinks we picked had very generic titles, so I’ve come up with more creative names for both of them: Blue Kool-Aid for Grown Ups and The Caffeine Drip.

Blue Kool-Aid for Grown Ups is a champagne-based cocktail that my fiance and I both decided was way too sweet for our liking. The Caffeine Drip is a rye whiskey drink with espresso. A modern take on an Old-Fashioned, this one was much more our speed.

After completing our cocktails, we turned to coloring. Out of our two recipes, the pages featured a tiger and a bear — I took the tiger; and my fiance the bear. Once we had finished coloring we made up each of our animal’s backstories:

Stupie the Bear

Stupie isn’t the brightest bear in Jefferson National Forest but he doesn’t want his friends to know that. His rejection from Virginia Tech back in 2015 doesn’t stop him from going to alumni events but he does get a little shifty when asked what he majored in. Blue Kool-Aid for Grown-Ups became his go-to during his last visit to Champs because he knows champange and success go hand-in-hand. Go Hokies!

Fernando the Tiger

Fernando is a slam poet and jazz musician with a passion for funkadelia. He can often be found at the Green Mill either performing his poetry on Sunday nights or playing his sax any other day of the week. The Caffeine Drip is his drink of choice because it keeps him awake even after a long night so he can spend more time writing some sick lines for his next slam.

First and foremost, I highly recommend this book for some at-home winter date night inspiration. It would also be a great activity for a girls night in. You’ll be able to find any flavor profile you’d like in a drink and can color any animal of your fancy. If alcohol isn’t your thing, consider Caffeinestar Publishing’s Coffee Animals Coloring Book!

Would you like more cookbook reviews like this? Was it totally out of the blue? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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