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15 Essentials for the Reader in Your Life

As Black Friday quickly approaches, I find myself thinking about all of the items I hope to one day have in my personal book nook. There are so many items a reader can use to create a perfect reading cove; a hideaway from reality and a sanctuary for fiction. I want to share a few that I think are essential here. I hope this list will give you some inspiration on what gifts to give the reader in your life, not only for the holidays, but year round.

  1. Books!
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It might seem like a no-brainer, but books are as essential as air for a bookworm. Adding to their collection is the perfect way to show them you love them. Not sure what reads are on their list? Ask them if they have a GoodReads account! GoodReads is Facebook for book lovers. Once you have friended the reader in your life, you’ll be able to see the want-to-reads on their account and might be able to snatch up a title they’ve had on their list for a while.

  1. An E-Reader
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Do you have a bookworm in your life that has started to form a hunchback from carrying around too many books? Maybe an e-reader is what they need. They’ll be able to carry hundreds of titles on one little tablet and won’t even break a sweat. Consider a Kindle or Nook as book friendly options.

  1. Bookshelves
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Bookshelves are a must-have for a true book lover. I have stacks upon stacks of books cluttering the corners and crevices of my room but I do have a small shelf holding most of my prized titles. I need more, but I feel that this will always be an issue. I’m a personal fan of reclaimed industrial bookshelves but if you’re into a more classic look, consider something like this.

  1. Blankets
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Curling up with a good book is one of the most satisfying joys life has to offer. A blanket is an essential piece of that particular puzzle. If you have knitting or crocheting skills, consider making your favorite reader a blanket. If not, they’ll be sure to love a blanket from Litographs covered in the words from their favorite novel, song, or poem.

  1. Pillows
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Cluttering a corner of a room with pillows and blankets is almost as satisfying as having an actual accent chair and lamp for a book nook. As long as it’s comfy, it doesn’t matter how much it costs. The more pillows you have the better, and if they’re book-themed, it’s the best. Check out these library card pillows on Etsy or these pillows by Awesome Librarians as some options.

  1. A Rug
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A comfortable rug is a great addition to any reader’s home. I find myself often curling up on my very own fluffy rug to read while I wait to finish my personal book nook. It’s a lovely place to read if you’re not feeling the living room or your bed.

  1. A Mug
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I don’t think I know a single reader that doesn’t love having a hot beverage beside them while they read, so their mug collections often rival their book collections. Why not help your book lover add another mug to the mix? I personally like handmade pieces like these handwarming mugs on Etsy, but you can always go with a book-themed mugs from Out of Print.

  1. A Mug Warmer
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I have yet to purchase one of these myself, but I am more than confident your reader will LOVE a mug warmer. I often get completely caught up in what I’m reading and my once hot cup of tea is lukewarm or cold by the time I get back to it. Mug warmers keep a consistent heat on the bottom of your mug so that the liquid inside never gets cold. Grab one from Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. An Electric Tea Kettle
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If I could have a tea corner in my book nook I would be the happiest girl west of Lake Michigan. Having an electric kettle even if it isn’t in the book nook is essential for the tea or coffee loving reader. You can find these at any store like Target or Walmart. You can also grab one on Amazon.

  1. All of the Tea
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Like books and mugs, teas often have a special place in a reader’s heart. Grab your reader a pack of their favorite brand or flavor of tea if you know it. A collection of different teas is also a great gift idea to open their tastebuds to combinations they haven’t tried.

  1. Notebooks and Pens
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Writers and readers are often one in the same. Inspiration comes from the books we read as writers and having a notebook near when inspiration strikes is as essential as having something to draw inspiration from. If you want to create something really special, I highly suggest getting a personalized portfolio from Etsy and a pack of lined notepads that fit inside. A quality pen is always a great find as well.

  1. A Comfy Chair
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Ah, the comfy chair. A seemingly unassuming safe haven away from the world. I, as most that have read my previous posts know, have found the chair of my dreams at West Elm and plan on buying it for myself during the Black Friday sales currently happening this month. It’s definitely a splurge, so if you’re trying to find something a little cheaper, check out some of the options at Target or Wayfair.

  1. An End Table
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An end table is a must-have when you’re reading. It’s a place to stack your current reads; a place to set down your cup of tea; and a place to have a notebook and pen for jotting down ideas. I would suggest purchasing one with a drawer or one with shelves for extra storage.

  1. A Reading Lamp
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For most, an important aspect of being able to read is being able to see. This might mean glasses for some, but it definitely means light. Consider a floor lamp to set next to an accent chair or a desk lamp to place on an end table depending on your reader’s set up.

  1. Some Book-Themed Wall Art
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If the reader in your life is like me and has started making a corner of their home a book sanctuary, wall art is the way to go. Make sure it has a bookish spin to help keep their walls lit(erary). Consider one of Out of Prints pennants for some literary super fans or these minimalist prints for the more subtle book nerd.

Essentials for your Mini-Reader

Most of the items listed above are great ideas for the little readers in your life as well, but here are a few additional items you should consider if you are trying to make a bookworm paradise for a little one.

  1. Picture Books!

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While I know books are listed in the main portion of this post, it’s important to remember the sheer magic of a picture book and its impact on a child’s life. I still remember the first picture book I read by myself (I was in first grade and it was a Bernstein Bears book). Reading is power, and this is where that power starts!

  1. Stuffed Animals
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It might seem silly to think stuffed animals are important for your mini-reader, but mini-readers are often super creative storytellers that need an outlet. Stuffed animals can become a pivotal part of the imaginary world they are creating with every book they read. Consider checking out the stuffed animals available at Barnes and Noble for a literary-inspired buddy!

  1. A Flashlight
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A flashlight is an essential part of any mini-reader’s starter kit. I, for one, have many memories of sneakily reading under my covers late at night when I knew my parents wanted me asleep. Set your favorite little reader up with a glow-in-the-dark or personalized flashlight to make their late night reads a delight.

  1. A Piggy Bank
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Piggy banks are essential for any little kid out there learning how to count, save money, or developing a little independence. Plus they will finally be able save up for the book of their dreams which is so much more satisfying than having someone give it to you. Consider purchasing a basic piggy bank and placing a Book Fund decal on the outside for a personalized touch!

  1. An Indoor Teepee or Canopy
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While you might not be able to dedicate an entire room for a child’s book nook, you CAN create a reading corner that is all their own. A great way to do this is by purchasing an indoor canopy or teepee they can have in their room. It gives them a secret space to hide away to read, play, and imagine. I would have loved one of these as a kid!


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