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May 2023 – This Is Where It Ends

no matter who we are, we all dream

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Book Review: This Is Where It Ends

I don't think kids or teens need to read this book - they already deal with the fear of their school becoming Opportunity High every single day. The people who need to read this book are the law makers, superintendents, and civil servants who have committed their lives to serve and protect our society - the ones who have failed the current generation quickly coming into adulthood and the next that are still in school every day.

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April 2023 – 3

Nameless unplaced guilt expected a secret welcome.

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Book Review: 3

The way Flannery writes has always drawn me in. I'm enraptured by her prose out of morbid fascination, like a car crash on the highway I cannot turn away from.

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The Little Free Library Adventure

Take a book; Leave a book.