Florilegium Archive · Papercuts and Scribbles

January 2023 – Outlander

Poem inspired by Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Abandoned with nothing but
acts of paganism
your fate is in your hands.

A little reckless,
you found that under the influence
of wine, music, and fairy legends
woman had voices.

I badly needed a little peace, 
and I felt it here
were the light-minded companions 
of death and uncertainty
wearing nothing 
but a few dappled splotches of sunlight.

Marigold, chamomile, 
bay leaf, spikenard, 
mint, marjoram
It would have been a good deal easier 
if you'd only been a witch.

Stories seemed like fairy tales
Too old to be amazed, 
but half-believing still.
It's men think there must be 
ill-wishes and magic 
in women.

Knowing everything is possible, 
suddenly nothing is necessary.
The heartbeat goes on, 
slower, softer,
for where all love is, 
the speaking is unnecessary.

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