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Beginnings: The First Chronicle

Hello Dear Readers,

I have gone through many journeys in my blog writing life. I’ve had three before this one. I wrote my blogs because I needed to write. Completely eliminating the activity from my life at any point has been out of the question for me. So I would write, whenever I liked about whatever I liked. It was aimless writing. Inspired writing, yes, but I had never had a true moment of purpose with my other blogs. I wrote them for me and me alone.

The Book Nook Chronicles feels different. I have a purpose outside of simply writing with this one. I have always wanted to share my love of literature with the world in some way. In almost all of my other blogs, I have written about books in some form. From reviews, to adventures in book-inspired places, I’ve always wanted to highlight the written word in some way. These posts were never the true focus of my previous blogs– but where always my favorite posts to write.

With The Book Nook Chronicles I have a focus — all things bookish all the time. I will include articles about bookish locations, create gift lists for the book lovers in your life, write poetry from literary blossoms from each book I read– a practice called florilegium, and give updates on the creation and expansion of my personal book nook (hence the title The Book Nook Chronicles). My posts might not always be book reviews, but the reviews will be the glue that holds this blog together.

Since this is the beginning of the beginning, I want to start with my current “book nook” situation. I’m not sure if it can really be called a book nook, seeing as it is not one place or in one location. I have a makeshift book shelf in my bedroom that contains many of the books I have loved before and a good chunk of books that I have yet to read. My reviews will start with the untouched titles so I can say I’ve actually read every book I own.

When I’m away from home, I’m likely at my boyfriend’s house. I’ve converted the accent chair and lamp in his living room into a pretend book nook for my weekends, but it’s nothing more than that– pretend. I’m just as likely to be found in the corner of his sectional, curled up like a content cat.

I’m so excited to write my first reviews from the nooks in my life and have plans to start creating my official book nook. The purchase of my dream chair from West Elm, the Crosby Mid Century Armchair, is the first step. I’m planning on buying it on Black Friday as a belated birthday present for myself. Accent pillows, a floor lamp, and book shelves are just a few more items I dream of adding to my oasis some day, but one a 20-something budget, we’re going one step at a time.

I hope you’re all ready for every last inch of it, because I am and I’m so glad to be started.

With Love from the Nook,


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