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The Nook: Bookish Wedding Touches

My fiance and I are just under a year away from our wedding and we’ve started to dive a bit deeper into the planning process. We have a venue that supplies the food, we have our bridal party all figured out, and now we get to start thinking up the fun parts of the wedding where we add touches of us throughout the day to make it special.

We’re going for a wedding that is thoroughly “us” with subtle nods to the things we love as well as things that have brought us together as a couple. Being the lover of books that I am, I want to incorporate myself into our special day with bookish touches and nods to Irish traditions. I’ve found three subtle, but perfect ways to add books into my wedding day without making it the absolute focal point or “theme.”

1. Bookish Bridesmaid Proposals

When asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, I sent each of them a handwritten card in the mail with a personalized resin bookmark I found on Maris Splendid Designs‘s Etsy page. I closed off each letter with a cheeky, “You’re officially booked for our wedding!” I created the notecard myself on Canva, with the design featuring one of the flowers that will be used in our wedding. A picture of it is below and here’s a link to the finished card if you’re interested in using it!

S/O to one of my bridesmaids who sent me a picture when she received her card and bookmark in the mail!

2. Bookish Bouquets

I’m working on making book roses for my bouquet, the bouquet of my bridesmaids, and my fiance’s one groomsmaid. They’ll be mixed in with Irish wildflowers, greenery, and some white roses in my bouquet, and a selected wildflower, baby’s breath, and greenery for my bridesmaids. I’m working with this DIY guide found on I’ve only managed to make the pedals of one flower so far but am feeling rather confident in the way they’ll turn out!

These are the pedals precariously placed in their rightful places so you can get an idea of the final roses (I have to curl the edges and hot glue layers together for the full effect)

3. Bookish Centerpieces

Our centerpieces are going to have a vintage-y vibe that compliments our wedding venue. I don’t want centerpieces that tower in the middle of the table because I feel they prevent people from having decent conversations. We’ll be using a stack of two to three books on each table, with a golden frame featuring the table numbers, and a very small vase with minimalist bouquets on the side. Below is a small draft of what I have in mind.

Wedding planning has its moments of being stressful, but these little pieces of personality and knowing that the end result means that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and partner-in-crime make all of it a lot more fun! I hope you enjoy these suggestions and possibly use them as inspiration for your own wedding.


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