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The Nook: Progress, Part 2


Hi Readers,

It’s been five months since I started The Book Nook Chronicles and have been mentioning my proverbial book nook chair to all of you here. I ordered the chair around Black Friday; meaning it took a little under three months for it to get here. You’re probably thinking #pandemicproblems but it was the chair’s quality that caused it to take so much time.

Before ordering the chair, I did my research– quality was my top priority and American-made was a close second. With a boyfriend that works in American manufacturing and a grandfather that constantly encourages us to by American-made products, I figured my first adult purchase should benefit American manufacturing if it could. The chair needed to be big enough the curl up in while reading a book, but small enough to nestle into the corner of a room– somewhere between a loveseat and an accent chair.

As I went through the selections on West Elm’s website, I found the Crosby Mid-Century; as you all know, it was perfect. West Elm has a great feature where it allows you to “Meet the Maker” of your handcrafted furniture. When I saw that my chair would be assembled here in the States, at Mississippi-Made Upholstery, my decision was made (I’ve included the video provided by West Elm below).

For all of the hype I’ve put on this chair, the delivery was anti-climactic, taking about 15 minutes total. My roommate and I masked up and the delivery guys masterfully placed the chair onto the rug I had purchased quickly after my order in November. As they sat the piece into it’s designated place in our apartment, it felt like finishing a chapter of a long awaited book.

My book nook journey is far from finished seeing as parts of the set up I currently have are my roommate’s and some are mine– but for now this is my safe haven.

The chair featuring the queen-sized blanket I bought from Target to protect the integrity of the chair from my current fur roommate’s claws
The chair when it first came into the apartment
The chair and other current aspects of the book nook!

I look forward to adding to the nooks and crannies of the space for the rest of my time at my current apartment (maybe an end table is in my near future?) and upgrading it further in the future.

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