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August 2021 – Chicago

The arrogance of skyscrapers starving for something not glass and metal and concrete. I thought I could hear the lake muttering, "There is no place better to have the blues than Chicago."

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Book Review: Chicago

For a man that only allegedly spent a year in Chicago, Brian Doyle understands the city's juxtaposition that has kept me enticed with this town even after three years.

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Chicago: RoscoeBooks

RoscoeBooks is the perfect representation of Roscoe Village as a whole.

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Becoming a Member of the American Writer’s Museum

I swear this post is not sponsored, I just really love this place.

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Repost – Chicago: American Writers Museum

Taking up the entire second floor of 180 N. Michigan, the American Writers Museum is sandwiched between floors of corporate offices, like a flower pressed inside of a book.