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2021 in Review – The Book Nook Chronicles

I'm truly proud of all of the effort I've put into this little piece of the Internet over the last 365 days.

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Book Review: The Midnight Library

This heartwarming read is perfect for the holiday season. It reminds you that even with its trials, life is pretty magical.

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Drinking Animals Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation: Stress Relieving Animal Designs with Easy Cocktail Recipes

You'll be able to find any flavor profile you'd like in a drink and can color any animal of your fancy!

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November 2021 – It’s a Whole Spiel

She hated her OCD. She craved certainty, and logically, she knew her quest for it was making her miserable.

Papercuts and Scribbles · The Book Nook Lifestyle

The 12 Bookmarks of Christmas

I discovered the ultimate solution to my page marking woes: the magnetic bookmark.